All Optimum Pharma injectable products carry the fallowing features:

Feature 1

  1. OP Ceramic Stampings on every bottle.
  2. Exp and Mfg Dates directly printed on glass vial
  3. Batch number printed on label after manufacturing like every pharmaceutical Company must do. Underground and fake products always have Exp & Mfg dates already printed on labels and boxes. Or they just put stickers with dates printed on them (Home Printer Work). This is violation to international laws of pharmacology. Because when they want, they just change the labels to sell products which their expiry dates already passed.
  4. Batch number and Exp & Mfg Dates on glass vials match with cartoon boxes which are also printed after manufacturing
  5. Every product have its own unique product barcode.
  6. Every box carries a security hologram . Inside this hologram ‘Company Logo & Original ‘can be seen.
  7. All bottles include 10.5 ml of injectable product inside so you will always have full 10 ml from every bottle
  8. All bottles carry the same level of injectable product inside because they are filled with full automathic machines. Underground and Fake products have different liquid levels because they are filled with hand thus, They are NOT STERILE.

Feature 2

  1. Every Optimum Pharma product have its own holographic labels .
  2. Product Name , Company Website, and Frame around labels are printed with hologram for maximum security
  3. From 2010 our products dont carry holograms in labels . Instead of that Optimum Pharma have printed Company Logo directly on label which requires high technology .

Feature 3

  1. Cartoon boxes carries 4 Company logos which are holographic prints . They can be seen in 2 sides of the box and Up & Down closing parts. You can feel these 4 logos when you touch them
  2. Every Cartoon boxes are closed with security sticker . ‘Genuine Product’ holographic image can be read on these stickers
  3. In every cartoon box , Product Name, Company Website , Company Name are printed with Hologram .

Feature 4

  1. Each product comes with a various color Flip off’ s which have OP stamping on them .
  2. Flip off ‘ s are closed with full automatic machines so you will not see any crimping marks like Fake or Underground products